How to Cook Delicious Chicken Curry Vermicelli

Chicken Curry Vermicelli

Chicken curry vermicelli is an attractive dish, the chicken is tender, the curry sauce is thick and fragrant with coconut milk, and it is great to eat with fresh vermicelli. How to cook delicious coconut curry chicken noodle soup only takes about 20 minutes to make.

The bowl of chicken curry vermicelli is attractive at first sight with the characteristic curry flavor spreading, the golden color makes everyone want to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for, without cooking with No Difficulty, go to the kitchen and make immediately how to cook chicken curry vermicelli with coconut milk, delicious, and not boring.


  • 1 chicken
  • Cooking oil 2 tablespoons
  • Minced garlic 3 cloves
  • Lemongrass 6 plants
  • Red curry 3 tbsp
  • Chicken broth 4 cups
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • Fish sauce 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut milk 2/3 cup
  • Fresh vermicelli 1 kg
  • 1 lemon
  • Seasoning: Sliced purple onion, minced cilantro, minced scallions for garnish


Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

First, lemongrass you cut off the head, tail, peel, cut and smash. Next, you wash the chicken, cut the chicken into large pieces about 4-6cm.

Step 2: Marinate the Chicken

You marinate the chicken with shallots, minced garlic, curry powder, sugar, salt, seasoning powder, monosodium glutamate, and seasonings depending on taste. For Southerners, they like sweets, so they use a lot of sugar. You can marinate the meat for more than 30 minutes for the meat to infuse the spices.

Step 3: Cook Chicken Curry Vermicelli

After the chicken is marinated, you stir-fry the meat with lemongrass with high heat until the meat is hunted again. Next, you add chicken broth, filtered water, fish sauce and coconut milk and bring to a boil. At this time, you can also add other spices to taste for the whole family.

Step 4: Arrange Chicken Curry Vermicelli

You add fresh vermicelli to the bowl, add some lemon juice and scoop the chicken curry into it. Finally, you garnish with a few stalks of coriander (or basil), then mix the bowl of chicken curry noodles and serve hot. If you like to eat blood, you can also add it to the cooking pot in step 3 too!

Hopefully, with the recipe that Cooking is Not Difficult to introduce above, you have been able to cook chicken curry vermicelli as a delicious dish every day to change flavor in family meals or weekend parties. Chicken curry has a very harmonious sweet and salty taste, the pieces of cooked chicken are soft and sweet, mixed with lemongrass and curry on the tip of the tongue. In particular, you cannot forget the greasy taste of coconut milk. In addition to cooking with coconut milk, you can also make chicken curry with fresh milk, both very delicious!

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