How to Make a Cup of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee

Selection of Coffee Powder

First of all, you should choose to buy the right type of coffee used for making filter, to protect your health choose clean coffee products and should consider the content of coffee to suit your taste best. How to make a good filter coffee depends on a factor that few people care about: the coffee powder. In this article, Vietblend will not mention how to choose good coffee, but suppose you have many types of coffee powder but not all are suitable for making filter.

Currently on the market there are many types of pre-ground coffee, depending on how they grind, the most important thing you need to care about is that the coffee powder must be as big as a sugar grain, because if it is too smooth, it will follow. holes in the filter and fall into the glass to form residue. Not only that, the coffee will be difficult to flow down, too smooth, sometimes not even flowing. With a 1kg coffee powder, if you brew carefully, you will get about 40 cups of coffee.


  • Coffee: Clean, pure
  • Filter: Aluminum, thick, evenly punched
  • Cups, mugs, cups: Porcelain type (hot coffee)
  • Measuring cup ml: 50ml, 100ml, 200ml…


Before making coffee, you need to make sure that the filter and cup are clean and dry, should be rinsed with boiling water before brewing. Use purified water, the purer the water, the better your coffee will be. Make sure the glass and filter used to mix are clean, it is best to rinse with boiled water. Use boiled water at a temperature of 95-100 degrees Celsius.

  • Step 1: Use boiling water to rinse the coffee filter to make sure the Phin is clean, besides the warm coffee filter will help the coffee bloom more evenly and reduce the absorption of heat when making coffee.
  • Step 2: Put 3 tablespoons of coffee powder (about 25g) into the filter and shake well
  • Step 3: Put the filter on the cup, pour slowly and evenly over the filter surface about 30ml of boiling water (92-98OC) for the coffee to bloom evenly.
  • Step 4: After 2-3 minutes, when the coffee has absorbed all the water and the coffee powder has risen evenly, now you can compress the cap (you can compress the lid before filling the water for the first time) and proceed to refill 50ml. Boil water, cover and wait.About 1 minute later, the coffee water will start to drip into the cup, wait until the coffee is almost all small, press the lid tightly to extract all the remaining coffee.

    Coffee begins to drip drop by drop

  • Step 5: As a result, you get an amount of 40-45ml of coffee juice, you can add sugar or milk, ice (depending on your preference) and stir well and finally you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.